1pt Plain Tankard

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  • 1pt Plain Tankard
  • 1pt Plain Tankard
  • 1pt Plain Tankard


standard 1 pint capacity pewter tankard
plain body, perfect for engraving
Square handle
Bright polished finish
Supplied in a carton box
Height: 115mm
Base diameter: 115mm

Sheffield, in South Yorkshire, has a world-renowned reputation in metal-working. Its furnaces and the craftsmen it produced were the driving forces behind the Industrial Revolution in the 19th Century.

Pewter came to Britain with the Romans in the 2nd Century. Its production was revolutionised when an alloy without harmful lead was developed in Sheffield in 1769.

With this tradition and its wealth of skilled individuals, it is no surprise Sheffield became home to several of the world's most respected Pewter manufacturers.

Arthur Richard Wentworth came from that background to found Wentworth Pewter in 1949. His skills and craftsmanship gave the company early success. The Wentworth Pewter Company's commitment to excellence and innovation ensures his legacy continues. As well as applying a simplicity of style and a new quality of craftsmanship to traditional patterns, Wentworth Pewter works with several award-winning new designers, whose imagination and creativity have helped keep their products at the industry's leading edge.
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